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“Valentine Dreaming!!” • February 22, 2006

And a little good news – bad news!!

A gorgeous blond wife wakes up on Valentine’s Day morning and is brimming with delight.  At breakfast she tells her husband, “I had the most wonderful dream last night about Valentine’s Day!!  I dreamed that you brought me a dozen beautiful long stem roses from Fred’s florist shop over on Elm Street.  And after I’d admired them and put them in a vase, you gave me a pound of the fabulous dark chocolate bark that they make at Sarah’s Candies over on Elm Street.  And then — you brought out a wrapped package — and when I opened it — inside was that fabulous pearl necklace from the front window of City Jewelers over on Main Street!!!  It was such a wonderful, wonderful dream!!  What do you think my dream meant?”

Her husband said, “I guess you’ll just have to wait until tonight to find out.”

When her husband returned in the evening, he handed his excited gorgeous blond wife a package to open — and inside she found — a book entitled, “How to Interpret Your Dreams!!”


Now for the good news — bad news part!!

The bad news is —

This husband may be even more hopelessly dense than most.  He bought the “Interpreting Your Dreams” book but he should have bought one that explained how to interpret “Gorgeous Blondes!!”

And the good news —

The husband’s casts come off six weeks from now!!

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