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“Special Day Celebration!!” • February 22, 2006

Double teaming blondes!!

One morning over breakfast, a gorgeous blond wife says in her most innocently dangerous voice to her husband, “Do you know what today is?? I’ll bet you’ve forgotten!!”

Indignantly, her husband replies, “Of course I know what today is!  I never forget things like that!”

An hour after he leaves for the office, the doorbell rings and the florist delivers two dozen beautiful long stem roses!!  The delivery truck is barely out of the driveway when another delivery truck from the best chocolatier in town arrives with two pounds of their very finest!!

And — at three, the local haut couture salon delivers a fabulous designer evening gown — and a note — “Have this on at 7:30!!”

At 7:30 her husband arrives in a horse drawn carriage that whisks them away to the finest French restaurant in town.  Once they are seated, her husband slips an incredible diamond necklace around her neck!!!  They dine on chateaubriand, sip Roederer Cristal, and finish with Hennessy Paradis Cognac!!

The next morning, the blonde’s sister, (another gorgeous blond,) calls from back East and asks, “So how did everything go?”

The blond relates all the details of the previous evening and then listens while her blond sister describes her own experiences.  Finally she says, “Well, Sis, I think we did pretty well.  We’ll have to figure out something else for next month, but that was definitely a truly wonderful Groundhog Day celebration!!!”

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