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“Corporate Baseball!!” • February 22, 2006

Probably a sun issue!!

Two companies that are friendly competitors decide to have a baseball game for bragging rights over the next year.  Everything is set up and it’s almost time to leave for the game, when the president of one company gets an emergency call from one their biggest clients.  While he handles the problem, he desperately looks for someone to take his place on the team — but everyone has left — except for his gorgeous blond secretary.  Reluctantly, he sends her off to fill his spot on the roster.

The client’s problems take longer than expected and he is still at the office when the game is over.  His VP of marketing and his gorgeous blond secretary walk in and he asks, “So how did it go?”

The VP says, “Well, Sir, it’s the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and the tying run is on third base and the go-ahead run is on second.  The count is three balls and two strikes.  Here comes the pitch and WHAM — a long fly to right field!”

The blond excitedly interrupts, “And I was the one responsible for the winning run!!!”

The President says, “No Kidding????”

The VP says gloomily, “Yeah — she dropped the ball!!!!”

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