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“Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!” • February 22, 2006

Or more exactly, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!!

A guy is on his way home from work and remembers it’s his wife’s birthday.  So he stops at a large department store to get a hurried gift.  He walks up to a gorgeous blond at the cosmetics counter and asks her for suggestions.

The blond pulls out a large bottle of perfume and says, “I’m sure your wife would love this — it’s only $150, sir.”

“That’s a little steep.  Do you have something less expensive?”

The blond brings out a smaller bottle of perfume and says, “This one is only fifty dollars.”

“That’s still more than I’m willing to spend.  What else?”

The blond brings out a tiny bottle of a perfume, “This one’s only twenty, sir.”

Getting frustrated, the guy says, “Look, I don’t think you understand — I want something really cheap —cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!”

The blond considers for a moment, then picks up a makeup mirror and hold it up to the guy’s face, “I think this is what you’re looking for, sir — it’s by far the cheapest thing we’ve got in the store!!!”

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