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“Tough Test!!” • February 22, 2006

I’d have to agree with her!!

A guy is barreling down the freeway and gets stopped by a traffic officer.  As the cop walks up to the car, he notices that the back seat is filled with knives, swords, battle axes, saws, hatchets, and every other kind of edged weapon!!  There’s even a couple of chain saws in there.  The cop stops and motions for his partner to call for backup.  Soon there are six police cars ringing the guy’s car.  The first police officer says to him, “OK, come out with your hands up!”

The guy complies and says, “What’s the problem, Officer?”

“You were speeding — BUT more importantly, what’s all the stuff in the back seat? You trying to start a war or something? You some kind of terrorist or nut case or what?”

The guy laughs, “No, Officer — I’m a professional juggler — with the circus that’s playing in town.  I juggle all those things in my act.”

“Oh yeah? Let’s see you juggle them!”

So the guy takes out two axes, two machetes, and two chain saws.  He fires up the chain saws and then starts juggling everything at once!  He’s tossing things in front, behind his back, over his head — he even closes his eyes and keeps juggling!  The police officers are all totally mesmerized by his skill!

All the police cars clustered around the guy’s car have caused traffic to back up.  Just as the guy starts juggling, a car with two gorgeous blondes creeps up next to the police cars.

The first blond says to the second, “Oh My Gosh!  Look at that!  I’m never gonna drink again — not even one drop of alcohol!  I can’t believe how awful these field sobriety tests have become!!!”

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