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“Blond Entrepreneurs!!” • February 22, 2006

I absolutely LOVE their idea!!

Two gorgeous blond coeds are really dismayed!  They saw in the newspaper that a “once in a lifetime shoe sale” will be held the following weekend — and both of them are flat broke!!

The first said, “What are we gonna do? There must be some way that two gorgeous sexy blondes like us can make a lot of money quickly.”

The second considered for a moment, then said, “I’ve got an idea!  We need to make a big impression, so put on your sexiest hot pants, a skimpy halter top, and your tallest heels!  And bring your magic markers, too!!”

SO —

There was a wide connecting highway that linked between two freeways.  The speed limit was only 30 mph but everyone drove at least 50.  There was a small hill midway along it and the local traffic cop was always lurking on one side or the other with his radar gun.  As soon as he got through writing one ticket, he immediately started on the next — it was the perfect speed trap.

EXCEPT — today when he set up his ambush, every single car came across the hill exactly at the speed limit!!  Mystified and amazed, he watched for a while, then finally drove over the hill.

And on the other side —

He found the first blond standing beside the road in her sexiest clothing holding up a big sign that read, “SLOW DOWN — Speed trap ahead!!”

The cop watched the blond for a moment.  Between her sign and her sexy gorgeous looks she was definitely getting everyone’s attention!  That was why he wasn’t catching any speeders.  But — why the dickens was she doing it?!?

So the cop turned back around and drove back past his stakeout in the other direction —

And lo and behold — there was the second blond!  She was dressed just as sexily and was holding a plastic bucket stuffed with money in one hand and a sign in the other that said, “Deposit Tips HERE!!!”

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