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“She Tried Hard!!” • February 22, 2006

Well – that explains that!!

The minister in the gorgeous blonde’s church said one Sunday that next week’s sermon would be on the sin of lying.  He instructed everyone in the congregation to read Mark 17 carefully to better understand the forthcoming sermon.

The next week at the start he said, “Did everyone read Mark 17? Let’s see a show of hands.” It looked like every hand went up.  “Put your hands down.  Is there anyone that DIDN’T read Mark 17? If you didn’t read it, please stand up.”

Everyone remained seated — until finally the gorgeous blond self-consciously stood up.  The preacher said, “Why didn’t you read Mark 17 as I asked you, Young Lady? Everyone else did.”

The blond looked around nervously at everyone sitting in the pews, then turned back to the minister and said, “I tried to read it — I really did — but I couldn’t find Mark 17 in the Bible.”

The minister grinned, “That’s because Mark only has sixteen chapters!  Please have a seat, Miss, while I explain the sin of lying to everyone else!!!”

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