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“Really Got Her Attention!!” • February 22, 2006

He’s convinced me, too!!

A gorgeous blond walked out of a fancy store to find her new Mercedes had been towed away for being illegally parked!  She spotted a nearby policeman and asked what she should do.  The officer radioed in to dispatch, then told the blond that she’d have to go before the judge before she could get her car back.  So she took a cab to the courthouse, waited for three hours and then was finally called to the bench.

The judge looked her over and said, “Miss, you are possibly the grand champion record holder for illegal parking in our city.” He pointed to the computer printout before him and said, “You have 134 outstanding parking violations.  Since you are driving a brand new Mercedes I’ll assume you have money in your checking account.  So — please get out your checkbook and write a check to cover the 134 violation at $10, or $1,340, plus $100 for towing and storage, for a total of $1,440 and hand it to the court clerk.”

The blond was royally miffed at the fine and at the delay but had sense enough to keep her mouth shut while she wrote the check.  After she handed it to the clerk, she asked, “May I have my car back now, Your Honor?”

“You seem to have quite a disregard for our parking laws, Young Lady.  So, the court further orders that you be taken to the large oak tree outside where you shall be hung by the neck until DEAD!!”

The gorgeous blond rolled her eyes up and promptly fainted!!!

The judge grinned to the bailiff, “When she wakes up, give her the car keys back — and I’ll bet I never see her in my court again!!!!”

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