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“Slight Difference!!” • February 26, 2006

That might make it a little more difficult!

A gorgeous blond married a renowned heart surgeon.  A couple of weeks after the wedding, the two of them go over for their first dinner at her younger brother’s house.  All during the meal, it’s pretty obvious that her brother is kind of “cool” to her new husband.

When they get ready to leave, their Mercedes won’t start, so her younger brother, (who owns a small auto repair shop,) comes out to take a look.

“Hmm — not a big problem — you’ve just got some dirt in the fuel filter.  Must have come from some bad gas.  I’ll have it cleaned out in just a moment.”

As everyone looked on, the brother said, “You know, Doc, when I do an engine overhaul I’ll bet that it’s a lot like doing surgery.  Except of course that an engine has a lot more parts than someone’s heart.  And of course, everyone’s heart is just about the same while there are hundreds of different engines.  So — it kind of makes we wonder.  I can’t do what you do, but then neither can you do what I do.  So — how come you make a couple of million a year doing your “overhauls” while I can barely make ends meet doing mine?”

Before her surgeon husband could answer, the gorgeous blond said, “Well, Little Brother, it’s because he does his overhauls with the engine running!”

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