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“Art Expert!” • February 26, 2006

There’s more than one time I’d have agreed with her!!

A gorgeous blond coed goes to a modern art show on campus.  The blond wanders around looking over each painting trying to make some sense of them.  She finally stops in front of two painting that leave her totally mystified.

The first in titled “Impression #1” and is mostly swirls of really awful looking greens and sickly browns with a few flecks of other colors thrown in.

The second, “Impression #2,” seems to be “chunks” of really bright colors mixed into an ugly brownish gray background.

She’s still staring at them perplexed when a guy comes up beside her.  She notices him and asks, “Do you know anything about these pictures? I can’t make heads or tails of them.”

Pleased that such an gorgeous blond was looking at the paintings he said, “Actually, I know quite a bit about both of them.  I painted them — I’m the artist.”

“Really? What are they supposed to be?”

“They’re not really ‘supposed’ to be anything.  They represent how I felt when I painted them — they are what I felt inside at the moment.”

The blond looked back at the paintings again for a moment, then said seriously, “At times I’ve felt that way, too — but a good laxative always took care of the problem!!”

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