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“Fishing Trip from Hell!” • February 26, 2006

That’ll probably be her last trip out with him!!

A gorgeous blond walks next door to her neighbor’s for a cup of coffee and a chat on Monday morning.  Her friend asks, “So how did the big fishing trip with your husband go this weekend?”

“It was a total disaster!!  I’m just glad that he didn’t get any more angry at me — I’d probably be at the bottom of the lake with an anchor around my neck.”

Her friend asks, “What happened?”

The blond said, “Well — first he was mad because I was late getting ready.  But how could anyone hurry at four in the morning!!  He kept saying that the fish would all be gone when we finally got there.  And then when we got to the lake, he was unloading the boat from the trailer and gave me a rope to hold.  When the boat slipped into the water, I could either get yanked in after it or let go of the rope!  He was just livid!  Fortunately there was some guys in another boat that took him out to get ours.  So we finally get aboard — after I’ve almost falling in the water twice — and head over to his “best secret” fishing spot.  He shows me how to put the worms on the hook and I almost lost the breakfast I didn’t get to eat!  So — I decided very quickly that HE was going to do all the hook baiting!  Then I got ready to cast and hooked his hat and flipped it out into the water.  After we paddled over and got his hat back, he told me to just drop my line over the side.  He said it wouldn’t matter because the way I was trying to cast I’d still be in the wrong spots to catch any fish.  And then — every time I opened my mouth, he’d tell me to shut up — that I was making so much noise I was gonna scare all the fish away!  How could I possibly sit there for hours and hours without saying a single word??”

He friend laughed, “Sounds like your really had a rotten time — that both of you had a rotten time.”

“But the worse was on the way back.  He got so mad at me I really was afraid that he might hurt me — I mean he’s always pretty sweet and easy going but this time he was totally blowing his top!!  I was so relieved when we finally got home and he finally started cooling off!!”

“My God!!  What was he so mad about?”

“Well — we fished out there for most of the day — and he never caught a thing — BUT — I caught sixteen real beauties!!!”

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