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“Tough Entrance Exam” • March 31, 2006

Some guys will never learn!  Yeah, this one’s twisted, too!

A gorgeous blond dies and finds herself standing outside the Pearly Gates at the entrance to Heaven.  She asks St. Peter, “Is this really Heaven? Did I make it?”

St. Peter replied, “Yes this is Heaven, but you’re not quite there yet.  We have one more small entrance exam that tests your personality and your intelligence.  You’ll need to spell a word.”

“What word?”

“You must select the word — it must be something that you feel is significant — something that is most important to you.”

The gorgeous blond thought for a moment then said, “My word is love.  Not just the love that I’ve shared with my husband and family and friends, but the infinitely more important Love that God has for all of us.  So — Love, L-O-V-E.”

St. Peter nodded approvingly and said, “Congratulations!  You’re now in Heaven.  I’ll help you into your wings and halo.”

Just as a he finished adjusting her wings, St. Peter’s phone rang, “Hello.  OK, I’ll be right there.”

He turned back to the gorgeous blond, “That was the Boss — I’ve got a little matter I need to take care of for Him — so — would you mind keeping an eye on things for a couple of minutes.  I won’t be gone long.  No one is scheduled for arrival for a while anyway.”

The blond of course agreed and sat down behind St. Peter’s desk.

She was amazed a few minutes later when a man walks up — and even more amazed when she sees it’s her husband!!  She asks him, “What are you doing here? St. Peter said no one was scheduled for arrival.”

“Well — I was at your funeral and was so dismayed at losing you, my grief was so great, that I had a heart attack during the service and died right there on the funeral home chapel floor.”

“You poor Dear!”

“But now we’re back together forever — together in Heaven!”

“Well — not quite yet — there is an entrance exam you have to pass first.  You’ll need to spell a word correctly.”

“A word? What word?”

“Paradimethylaminobenzaldehyde — and by the way, my funeral was at the church, not at the funeral home — and you’ve got lipstick on your collar!”

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