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“Harrowing Cab Ride!!” • February 26, 2006

You can’t really blame the guy!!

A gorgeous blond flies to New York for a business meeting.  She grabs a taxi at the airport and heads toward town.  About halfway to her destination she has a question so she leans up and taps the cabby on the shoulder.

The cab driver screams at the top of his voice, slaps his hands over his eyes, the cab sideswipes a bus, bounces off a light pole, and finally comes to a rest in the middle of a fruit stand!!

After the driver and the blond both catch their breath and figure out that they are both unharmed, the cabby says, “I’m really sorry about this, Miss!  But you got to understand, you scared me half to death when you touched my shoulder!”

“I’m so sorry, Sir.  I just wanted to ask a question.  Did you think I was trying to rob you or something?”

“No, ma’am.  You see, this is my first day driving a cab.  For the last twenty-five years I drove a funeral hearse!!!”

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