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“Redecorating Woes!!” • February 26, 2006

Got to be very careful how you word your questions to blondes!!

A brunette lived in a townhouse and decided one day that her living room needed a little face lift.  She looked through all the wallpaper books and finally found one that she really liked — but she didn’t know how many rolls she would need.

So she called her gorgeous blond friend that lived in the same floor plan townhouse across the parking lot and that had recently put in new wallpaper in her living room.  “I’m finally going to redo my living room, too.  How many rolls of wallpaper did you buy when you were doing yours?”

Her friend said that she had bought twenty-three.  So the blond bought 23 rolls, took them home and began hanging them.

When she finished, she had five rolls left over.  She called her friend and said, “I can’t figure this out.  I bought 23 rolls just like you did but I had 5 rolls left over.”

Her gorgeous blond friend replied, “So did I!”

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