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“Wise Cannibals!” • February 26, 2006

Or maybe just a wise blond!!

A gorgeous blond, a brunette, and a red head are on an expedition through the jungle and get captured by cannibals.  The girls are all tied to poles while the cannibals heat up the cooking pot.

As they wait for the water to boil the cannibals discuss which one to eat first.  The girls overhear them and the blond yells, “You guys should only eat me!  Don’t eat the brunette and redhead!”

The chief says, “Oh yeah? Why should we eat you — and why not the brunette and the redhead?”

The blond said, “Well — if you eat the brunette you’ll become a bunch of smarty pants that no one can stand — and then none of your friends will like you anymore!  And the girls won’t even talk to you — much less anything else — and pretty soon your whole tribe will be extinct!  So don’t eat the brunette.  You gotta eat me!”

The cannibals discuss this among themselves for a few minutes then the chief says, “OK — we won’t eat the brunette — but why shouldn’t we eat the redhead?”

The blond says, “If you eat the redhead you’re gonna get her temper — and then you’ll all get in trouble with the other tribes.  All the other tribes will band together, start a war, and wipe out your whole tribe!  So don’t eat the redhead!  You gotta eat me!”

Again the cannibals talk things over and finally the chief says, “Untie all three of them and get them out of here!  We don’t want to be a bunch of smarty pants and have no friends or wives.  And we don’t want to have a bad temper and start a war and get wiped out.  But most of all, we don’t want to be so dumb we try to talk someone into eating us!!

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