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“Pre-Med Problems!!” • February 26, 2006

I’m glad I missed out on this class!

A gorgeous blond goes off to college.  The blond is really smart and is enrolled in the pre-med program.  Unfortunately, she is also a tiny bit of a smarty pants, too!

She’s doing really well in all of her classes — except for one!

One day in that class, the professor is droning on like always and the blond finally disgustedly says, “Why on Earth are we required to learn this ridiculous nonsense?”

The professor turns to her and says, “To save lives!” and then returns immediately to his lecture.

The blond fumes for a moment, then indignantly says, “Are you crazy? What are you talking about? This is a class in English Literature!  How can it possibly save lives?”

The professor relies, “Because it keeps idiots like you out of medical school!”

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