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“Attractive Bulge!!” • March 31, 2006

Let’s see just how naughty your mind is!!

A gorgeous blond coed and her brunette roommate go to an off-campus singles watering hole on Friday night. The place is filled with lots of eligible guys.  They stop near the bar and carefully look things over.  The brunette nudges the blond and says, “Take a look at the cute guy over by the cash register.  I think I’ll stop by for a little chat!  Do you see anything interesting?”

The blond is still checking everyone out, then says, “Yeah!  I’ll think I’ll have a little talk with the guy on the end of the bar.”

The brunette glances over and immediately turns back to the blond, “Are you crazy? That guy is older than both of us put together.  And trust me, he’s not a cute guy now and he never has been!”

“Doesn’t matter — he’s got a VERY interesting bulge in his slacks!”

The brunette looks again, then says, “How can you tell? I can’t see anything.  He’s sitting right up against the bar.”

“You’re just not looking in the right place, Honey — check out the back pocket of his slacks — the one where he keeps his wallet!!!!”

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