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“Bad Days, #3!” • March 31, 2006

A few more indications!

You call Dial a Prayer and they hang up on you.

You’re mother in law flies in for the weekend, breaks her hip on your front steps, and moves in for life.

The news team breaks in as the broadcast movie starts to warn everyone about the rash of food poisonings caused by the contaminated casserole from the deli down the street — the same casserole you polished off thirty minutes ago.

Halfway through on a scenic horseback ride along the cliff lined trail into the canyon, you find that your mount was a former bucking bronco rodeo star named “Mister Dynamite.”

After a very long and tiring day on the road, you stop at a quaint little out of the way motor inn for the night and as you step into the shower, you suddenly notice the sign outside says, “Bates Motel.”

You step into one door of the subway car just in time to see two bomb squad members running for their lives out the other.

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