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This one is guaranteed to be different than what you expect!

“Racy Vacation!”

I wasn't very good at French myself!

“Blond Waitress!”

Sometimes we all need a little memory help!

“High Rise Tragedy!”

Who said Blondes were dumb?

“Smartest Blond?”

OK – maybe some are a little dumb!

“Postcard from the Edge!”

Been there – done that!

“Puzzling Conversation!”

I might give it a try – could be a whole new art form!


It's all relative – just ask Einstein!

“Doctor Visit!”

A diagnosis from Dr. Tacky, M.D.

“God Given Gifts!”

The divine joys of blondeness!!!

“Married Blond!”

Guys seem to like this one – but then – THEY would!

“Ornithological Hygiene!”

Makes perfect sense to me!

“Geography Class!”

I think she's got a very valid point!

“Speed Trap!”

I should be so lucky!

“Gas Prices!”

The perfect inflation proof ploy!

“Firing Squad!”

Don't you just love a happy ending?

“Pony Express!”

I wonder how many lawyers showed up after this?

“Fishing Frustration!”

It kind of makes you wonder why anyone would try fishing.

“Three Wishes!”


“Television Crisis!”

There's got to be some kind of FTC advertising problem here!


Some people say the tackiest things!

“Rocky Mountain High!”

I don't know why they're complaining – they got their money back!


The grass is always greener on the other side!

“Destination Unknown!”

A simple mistake that could happen to anyone!

“Blond Exam!”

No dumb blond coed to be found here!

“The Penitent!”

The wages of sin are mighty indeed!


Adding insult to injury!

“Blond Football Game!”

It's nice to know what the fight was all about!

“That Settles That!”

But what about Atchafalaya and Tchoupitoulas?

“The Plot Thickens”

A brand new literary critic!

“Tour of Duty”

Practice makes perfect!

“Bon Appétit!”

By hook or by crook – whatever it takes!

“A Modest Request!”

All good things come to she who waits!

“Pet Problems”

Sometimes language can REALLY be offensive!

“Grammatically Correct!”

It’s not what you say but how you say it!

“EMS Response!”

Life can be SO difficult at times!

“Meredith Adventure Number 1”

This will REALLY make you wonder about people!

“The Perils of Exercise!”

And the perils of following your doctor’s advice!

“Weather Report”

Wrong numbers can be such a problem!

“Nietzsche Was Right!”

I don’t agree with most of his stuff, but he nailed this one!


The wonders of modern science!!

“Feline Deduction!”

This one is TOTALLY tacky nonsense!

“Lost in Translation!”

If only guys would listen to us girls!

“Ties That Bind!”

Who says guys are sneaky!

“Thanksgiving Dinner!”

People line up to be tacky to us blondes!

“Blond Artist!”

This could be a slight career obstacle!

“Multiple Blond Nightmare!”

Guys are such wimps!

“The Husband Cure!”

Blondes are very wily!

“A Close Shave!”

Best to look before you leap!

“Creative Gift Giving!”

So much for recycling white elephants!

“Return With Interest!”

There should be a law against guys!

“Accidents Happen!”

Another example of wily blond superiority!

“Married Couple”

How true it is!

“Looks Aren’t Everything!”

I think I’d best not make any comments about this one!

“Biology Lesson!”

It pays to study your lessons carefully!

“Golf Escapade!”

You’ve got to be careful what you teach us blondes!

“Aggie, Longhorn, and Blond!”

It’s OK – I can do this – I went to both schools!

“Sea Cruise!”

Boys will always be boys!

“Unbridgeable Gulf!”

Some things are really tough for guys!

“Fabulous Sermon!”

Inspiration can strike at inopportune moments!

“Resourceful Blond!”

I may have to give this a try myself!

“Blond Felon”

I don’t think even I’ve got the guts for this!

“Young Doctor!”

Sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment!

“Guys Are Different!”

Sometimes the gulf seems to be impossibly wide!


Wish I’d have thought of this back in college!


Bet a lot of you gals would do the same thing!

“Be Prepared!”

Thank goodness she paid attention in class!

“Divine Problem!”

Might be a good time to consider a change of profession!

“Airline Switcheroo!”

Kind of makes you wonder about that super low bargain airfare!

“Cherished Memories!”

Tough way to earn a living!


I really hate it when things like this happen!

“Courtroom Drama!”

It’s not wise to mess with a blond!

“Meredith Adventure Number 2”

Welcome to graduate school!!

“Valentine Surprise!”

Very creative marketing!

“Maybe She’s British!”

A simple mistake that could happen to anyone!

“Cats are Tricky, Too!”

Particularly if the cat is a blonde’s cat!

“Size of the Matter!”

I think I’ll wisely skip commenting about this one!

“Medical Emergency!”

Language is so ambiguous at times!

“Glass Houses!”

The joy of just desserts!

“Apartment Neighbor!”

I think I may have lived in the same building a while back!

“Truth in Advertising!”

What an harrowing experience!

“Picture Show Problems!”

You can’t really blame her!

“The Missing Verse!”

At last the Truth is revealed!

“Misdirected Communications!”

It was only one stupid letter that was wrong!

“Misery Loves Company!”

Won’t they ever learn to not mess with us blondes?

“Change in Plans!”

The eternal joys of blondeness!

“Unusual Coffin!”

This one is a real tragedy!

“Wrong Venue!!”

Got to be careful what you do and where you do it!

“Picture Perfect Diet”

I figure I’m providing a community service!

“Camping Catastrophe!!”

Who keeps saying blondes are dumb??

“Dog Vacation!!”

Just goes to show who you can trust!

“The Witness!”

I don’t know what he’s so upset about!!

“Who Need Enemies!!”

She was just being truthful!


There’s some things you probably don’t want to know!

“Volume Discount!”

It’s worth a try for a gorgeous blond!!

“Courtroom Ploy!!”

Hey!  It was worth a shot!

“911 Miscommunication!!”

She was just following instructions!

“Sunbathing Incident!!”

It pays to check things out very carefully!!!


I don’t think so!

“Very Strong Deterrent!!”

I’d only have to be told once, too!!!

“Pet Training!!”

It just takes the right approach!!

“What Dilemma?”

The solution is obvious!!

“Identification Crisis!”

She learned her lesson very well!

“Corporate Economics!”

Off to a bad start!

“Pledge Surprise!!”

You can’t even trust OLD guys!!!

“Transportation Error!”

Gotta be careful who you sit beside!!

“Meredith Adventure Number 3”

Dress Disaster!!

“The Burglar!!”

There should be laws against GUYS!!!

“Single Roll!”

Sometimes the odds ARE in the shooter’s favor!

“Speeding Excuse!!”

Gonna be an interesting court case!!

“Accident Ploy!!”

Of course, I would never do such a despicable thing!

“Golf Handicap!!”

I’m gonna have to give this a try myself!!!

“Punch Line!!”

You’ve got to watch what you say!

“Effective Signage!!”

No dumb blond to be found here!!

“Three Day Weekend!!”

She gave him just what he asked for!

“Job Requirements!!”

Got to be careful during job interviews!!

“Old Masters!”

A very profitable discovery!!

“Mistakes Happen!!”

Sometimes it’s really hard to get everything right!

“Checkout Line!!”

There’s always a silver lining!!

“Perfect Day!!”

It doesn’t hurt just to dream!!

“Executive Humor!!”

How very true it is!!!

“Getting Their Attention!!”

I’m gonna have to try this one!!

“Fair Trade!!”

Bet she’s not the only one that thinks that!!

“Judicial Proceedings!!”

What goes around, comes around!!

“A Blond Scorned!!”

Won’t guys ever learn!!

“Forked Tongue!!”

Oh well, it doesn’t hurt to dream!!

“A Mild Oversight!!”

Gotta carefully look left and right!!

“Aeronautical Confusion!!”

She’s obviously a very careful driver!!

“Canine Capablanca!!”

I’ll bet he has a very ‘dogged’ defense!!

“Insurance Exclusions!!!”

It pays to read the fine print – and between the lines, too!!

“Change of Heart!!”

Sometimes you just gotta re-evaluate things!!

“Corporate Switcheroo!!”

There should be an open season on wise guys!!

“Sibling Analysis!!”

The woes of having an older brother!!!

“Early Education!!”

We’ve all got to learn sometime!!

“A Real Eye Opener!!”

It seems a very logical question to me!

“Valentine Dreaming!!”

And a little good news – bad news!!

“Ethanol Confusion!!”

Who knows – maybe she was right!!

“Porcine Predicament!!”

I’m sure at least one end was correct!!

“Special Day Celebration!!”

Double teaming blondes!!

“Corporate Baseball!!”

Probably a sun issue!!

“Funeral Perspectives!!”

Sounds like a very good idea to me!!!

“Divine Explanation!!”

Now we know the reason!!!

“Heavy Hauling!!”

It’s obviously a male conspiracy!!

“Second Child!!”

Sounds promising!!

“Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!!”

Or more exactly, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble!!

“Tough Test!!”

I’d have to agree with her!!

“Blond Entrepreneurs!!”

I absolutely LOVE their idea!!

“Meredith Adventure Number 4”

Foundation Troubles!!

“Really Mean Blond!!”

This is hitting guys where it really hurts!!

“She Tried Hard!!”

Well – that explains that!!

“Clever Old Guy!!”

Hope his wife understood!!

“Really Got Her Attention!!”

He’s convinced me, too!!

“Cinematic Progress!!”

I wonder what a ticket cost back then??

“Rural Confrontation!!”

Bet she wouldn’t like tipping cows either!

“Riotous Shoe Sale!!”

Very perilous occupation!!

“Hair Apparent!!”

Never mess with a blond, even a little one!!

“Slight Difference!!”

That might make it a little more difficult!

“Art Expert!”

There’s more than one time I’d have agreed with her!!

“Fishing Trip from Hell!”

That’ll probably be her last trip out with him!!

“Tough Entrance Exam”

Some guys will never learn!  Yeah, this one’s twisted, too!


I think this is called pyramid selling!!

“Harrowing Cab Ride!!”

You can’t really blame the guy!!

“Scorned Blond Response!!”

Even I find this one a little tacky (but just a little!)

“Redecorating Woes!!”

Got to be very careful how you word your questions to blondes!!

“It Pays to be Nice!!”

Excuse me – I’ve got some letter writing to do!!!

“Back Handed Compliment!!”

It’d be interesting to hear what was said next!!

“Weekly Poker Game!”

You’ve got to watch guys that gamble!!

“Lady Willpower!!”

Maybe It’s mind over matter!!

“It’s a Miracle!!”

Or then again, maybe it’s not!!

“Wisdom of Youth!!”

You gotta really watch what little blondes say!!

“Miracle Drugs!!”

You gotta do whatever it takes!!

“Wise Cannibals!”

Or maybe just a wise blond!!

“First Fight!!”

And apparently their last!!

“Mountain Pool!”

There really, REALLY should be a law against guys!

“Interrupted Train Trip!!”

He’s definitely got a valid point!!

“New Driver!!”

Turn about and all that!!

“Pre-Med Problems!!”

I’m glad I missed out on this class!

“Heavenly Transportation!!”

A rather naughty and very twisted tale!!  It’s not what you think!!

“Attractive Bulge!!”

Let’s see just how naughty your mind is!!

“Tough Acting Job!!”

When you’re desperate you’ll do anything!!

“Accident Complications!!”

Sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

“Best Friends!”

My how things can change overnight!

“Bad Days, #1!”

How to tell when you should have stayed in bed!

“Bad Days, #2!”

A few more indications!

“Bad Days, #3!”

A few more indications!

“He's Dumb, #1!”

A few quaint ways to express your disgust!

“He's Dumb, #2!”

A few more useful expressions!

“He's Dumb, #3!”

And yet a few more!

“Singles Bar, #1!”

How to avoid unwanted attention when you’re a really hot blond!

“Singles Bar, #2!”

A few more tips for all you hot gals!

“Singles Bar, #3!”

And still a few more tips!

“Singles Bar, #4!”

And even still more tips!

“Singles Bar, #5!”

And here we go with even more tips!

“Q and A #1!”

A few selected short ones!

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