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“READ ME FIRST!” • May 16, 2006

Somebody get my Pulitzer ready!!

Cue the trumpets, bang the drums, light the fireworks!!!

Presenting the M Column!!!!!!

And you might well ask, “Exactly what the dickens IS the M Column?”

The M Column is my private little Meredith sized soap box where I get to talk about anything and everything.  And trust me — I have no problem talking and talking and talking!

My little essays are presented in no particular order and are just whatever strikes my fancy at the moment I sit down at the keyboard.  (By the way, I’ve been told more than once that I have a very striking fancy!!)

Here I get to wax on and on about anything I think needs a little blond pontificating.  Think of it as an on-line forum — except that only Little Meredith gets to post stuff!  And if you think that’s unfair and don’t like it, then start your own web site!!  This one is mine so I get to make the rules!

If you send me a flattering e-mail, you might get a flattering reply — unless I’m in the midst of a serious nail emergency and confined to the ICU while the manicurists try to pull me through!  You might even get mentioned in a future M Column!  Of course, you’re more likely to get mentioned if you send me flattering snail mail — particularly if the snail mail includes a flattering check!!!  (You can’t imagine how expensive it is to run my servers — not to mention my daily shoe buying budget!!) So send those gushing e-mails to:

If you send me a non-flattering e-mail, your e-mail will discover immediately why all the computer desktops have little trash cans icons on them!  It’ll be getting an up close and personal tour of the old circular file cabinet.  “The Meredith” takes a very dim view of all criticism!  BUT — if you still just “have” to send something, please e-mail it to:

Some of the M Columns will be serious, but most are going to be what passes for humor beneath the blond tresses.  And some — maybe a lot — are gonna be educational!  Educational means both “real educational” and also “educational” as in keeping you guys alive in the presence of females!  (I figure all those of the male persuasion need all the help they can get!!) And there will also be a few educational tidbits to share with the girls, too!

And by the way, I’ll give you fair warning right up front — even if you don’t want to get “educated” I’m gonna sucker you into it!!  For example, you may see an article relating to “strings” which might be about “string bikinis” and might just be about “string theory!” Stick with little Meredith and I’ll have you doing tensor calculus before breakfast — and then you can lord that fact over mere mortals — and become a real smarty pants — and lose all your friends — and have to move to some “techie” community — and get filthy rich with some dot com craze — and start your own web site — and create your own pontificating little personal column!!  Just remember that your “Mentor Meredith” always accepts generous tips!

Now that all the preliminaries are taken care of, it’s time to smash the champagne bottle on the bow and officially launch the mighty ship, HBS M Column, and get this show on the road!!

SO — here we go!!



PS — “HBS” is of course an abbreviation for “Her Blondeness’ Ship.” It’s listed in the soon to be published Official Meredithese Dictionary!  You’ll want to buy copies for all your friends!!

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This takes you back to the M Column Index page for more secrets of the universe as revealed by your favorite blond!  That is of course assuming that your are still cognizant enough to click the mouse after reading some of my little essays!  I’ve heard a few tacky rumors that they can be damaging to your mental health!  Oh well — those people were probably borderline before they started reading.  By the way, if you’d like to help with the exorbitant publishing costs of these little ditties, remember the M Column motto — “No Donation is Too Large!”

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