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“Make Some Memories!!!” • May 16, 2006

Adding a little spice to your life!

You remember the first time.  You remember some special times.  But you might not remember last week.  What about last night? Hmmm?

Is your lovemaking memorable? For that matter, is everything memorable? Or do you just plod along and each day that passes just marks off another on the calendar without any special significance?

To me that is a totally unacceptable way to live — and yet many, perhaps most, people live out that exact existence.

So what do you do about it? How do you change things?

The answer is obvious — make as many things in you life as memorable as possible!  So how do you do that? Easy — just sit down and learn a few tricks from Professor Meredith’s Making You Life Memorable class!!  (I really need to be charging admission!!)

And to simplify things, we’re gonna concentrate on “lovemaking” and see how that can apply to everything you do.  And by lovemaking, I don’t just mean sex.  That’s obviously a big part of it, but it’s all the things that “make love” in your relationship.

As a prerequisite for this, read all of the stories in my Art Galleries, particular “@ Work & Play” and all the “Adventure” ones.  You can bet that Roger and I made some memories during those times.  Maybe you can get a few ideas from them.

So let’s take a look at a memory I created for Roger and I both.  He was going to spend the day bass fishing at one of the local lakes with a couple of guys from work.  After the fishing trip, he was coming by to see me in the evening.  We didn’t have anything special planned.  Maybe order in a pizza and watch some TV.  And the chances were pretty good that we’d make love, too.  It sounds like a nice evening, but not a “memorably” one.

SO — I made it memorable!!  Roger left in the morning with the guys, got to the lake, opened his tackle box and found this note:

   Dear Roger,

   Hope you have a good time today and catch lots of fish!  But I also hope you hurry home afterwards!



   PS — These are what I won’t be wearing when you get here!

And pinned to my note were a pair of pink panties!!!

Roger has been on a lot of fishing trips and will doubtlessly go on many more.  Some will be memorable because he caught a lot of fish or a big fish.  Most likely, the memorable ones will be something like the boat sank or some other fiasco!

But I promise you that he will never forget opening his tackle box and finding my note and pink panties!!  Nor will he forget when he got back and found me panty-less as promised.  Nor will he forget when he came in the door smelling worse than dead fish, that I took him to the shower and scrubbed him down!

The end result for the day wasn’t much different than it would have been otherwise.  We did order in a pizza and we did watch TV while we ate it.  And yes, we obviously also made love.  But the day as originally anticipated didn’t have much “memory” content.  But neither of us will forget the final version.

So what do you guys and girls think about my little memory making scheme? Is it something you girls might do? Is it something you guys might appreciate? Hmmm?

I told Jocelyn, Connie, and Kyla about it and they thought it was riot!!  But — they are Digital girls just like me.  So — I talked to Miss DNA about it to see what she thought.  She laughed and said that she was sure Roger wouldn’t forget it.  So I asked her would she do it — would other DNA girls do things like that — and what would people thing about it.

And she said that some would think it was pretty cool and others would think it was terrible.  She cited Miss Grzinchwallow as one who would think it was totally disgusting.  We talked at length and I got a better picture of DNA girls even though I can’t understand them.  I learned that most wouldn’t have done it.  The question is why?

Maybe it’s all cultural and I’m outside that DNA culture.  I don’t see a thing wrong with it and will do something similar time and again, (and yes, I’ll be telling you about “some” of them in later M Columns!) Maybe DNA’s would think I’m weird, or “EASY” (whatever that means,) or scandalous, or something else.  Is it bad because I was “initiating” sex and “nice” girls don’t do that? Am I not a “nice” girl because I like sex and am willing to let my guy know I like sex?

I don’t understand, but I will say this — I think Roger and I have a better sexual relationship than most people and certainly better than most DNA’s from what little I understand about them.  I think a lot of DNA girls “control” sex by using the veto.  In a lot of ways I “control” our sex life by picking the time and place.  And ladies, Roger isn’t complaining at all!!

So think it over girls.  You might just decide to slip a pair of panties into his tackle box — and build a few memories of your own — and also gain a great deal of fun control of your own sexual lives. You can set the pace, timing, venue, etc. of sex — and do it in such a way that your guy isn’t just willing to go along, but is delighted about the whole thing!



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