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“More Making Memories!!” • May 16, 2006

The second of many!!

This is a continuation of my “Make Some Memories” M Column so if you haven’t read it, read it first.

Girls, consider your guy for a moment.  If he went fishing and found a pair of your panties in his tackle box, what would he think? That he’s got the wrong tackle box? That you’ve lost your mind? Or would he be surprised — delighted — or what?

When I did that to Roger, I KNEW what he would think!  I knew he’d think it was cool and that he’d love me just a little more for setting up this particular memory building situation.

The big question is — HOW DID I KNOW?

And the answer is obvious — we talked about it!  No — not about the panties in the tackle box, but about things in general and sex in particular!!  Roger knows why I work at initiating sex.  He knows how I feel about crummy sex.  He knows exactly how I feel about it because I HAVE TOLD HIM!  We talk about everything — how the dickens could we possibly leave out talking over something that important!

He knows how I feel — he knows what I like — and what I don’t like!  And I know how HE feels and what he likes and dislikes, too.  We are both very talkative and very HONEST about sex and everything else.  Maybe other people are willing to bury their feelings, but I’m not going to do that and I’m not going to let Roger bury anything either.

SO — because we’ve talked and because he understands what I’m doing, I KNEW what his response would be.  And before you try some of the “Meredith memory tricks” you need to know how each of you feel.  And to do that, you’ve GOT TO TALK!

Maybe that’s hard for some people.  It’s not for Roger and I, nor is it for the rest of the Digital people we know.  But I think maybe it’s harder for DNA’s.  That was kind of the impression I got from Miss DNA.  I sometimes wonder if she would talk as candidly to me if I were a DNA.  I can’t say for sure.

But if you DNA’s have a hard time discussing things, that is sex and memory making, etc., maybe you could start by both reading some of my “deathless prose” here and talking about “Meredith” and the things she does.  Maybe that will help open some doors.

Maybe you’ll decide I’m totally shameless and as trashy as Miss Grzintwallow thinks.  And maybe you’ll decide that I’m a pretty cool blond that knows how to stir up some sparks.  Or anywhere in between.  But if you at least can get that far in talking about me, then maybe it’ll make it a little easier for you to talk about yourselves!!



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