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“Opportunity Kits!!” • May 17, 2006

Gotta be ready if you hear knocking!

I like going places!  No — I LOVE going places!!  I like seeing new things — doing new things.

Sometimes we hop on the company’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) and zoom across the internet.  That’s really fast — we can be just about anywhere in milliseconds.  But — just like when you are flying, you miss everything in between and there are a lot of cool places between the IP addresses.

So — we take a lot of road trips, too.  And we also hike and bike around home and a lot of other places.  And most importantly, we’re always on the lookout for interesting little places to stop.  Particularly, we’re always looking for interesting very private little places to stop!!!  And because of the highly efficient brilliant blond brain, we’re always prepared with the little “opportunity” kits I thought up.  We made two — one for Roger’s car and one for mine.

Actually, the “opportunity kits” are more for my benefit than Roger’s.  Guys can decide to stop and stay over someplace a lot easier than girls.  I need more things to feel comfortable for the night.

We got a pair of cheap backpacks and a similarly cheap set of soft side suitcases.  They are identical so whichever vehicle we are in we’re gonna be covered.  The suitcases carry most of the overnight stuff and the back packs have the day trip stuff.  We also added a car blanket and couple of throw pillow to the back seats.  We could spend the night in the car pretty comfortably if we ever were forced to by weather or something.  And the pillows are handy for taking a nap while the other drives and I often use the blanket to stay warm.  Even in the summer when the AC is blasting away to keep Roger cool I’m likely to have the blanket around my legs.  Super handy!!

The suitcases contain a minimum overnight set of clothes and toiletries for both of us.  Nothing fancy, just spare underwear, a tee shirt for each of us, shorts, socks, etc.  And we rotate the stuff seasonally, so there's some warmer stuff in winter.  We’ve also got swim suits, (in case we can’t go skinny dipping!) We’ve used these more than once to stop at a motel with a nice pool along the way for a quick dip.  You park in back, make a quick change, then walk to the front like you were a typical guest.  We might get stopped one day, but it hasn’t happened so far.  And once back in the car, there’s a couple of towels in the truck to use to dry off.

Our toiletries are all the little travel sizes.  Toothbrushes, paste, comb, brush, hair spray, mouthwash, deodorant, floss, razor, cream, sunscreen, bug repellent, lip gloss, polish, baby oil, (in case I can promote a massage — my chances are usually pretty good,) lubricants, and a few girl specific things, etc.  We’ve also got a first aid kit just in case.

The backpacks are a subset of the suitcases, and we supplement them as needed from the suitcases.  The backpacks also include an 8 by 8 cheap plastic painter’s drop cloth, (we bought these at the dollar store — guess how much they cost!) and an old king size top sheet.  It’s a lot better than just sitting (or lying) on the ground.  Take a length of heavy twine and the drop cloth can also keep the rain off you.  And a couple of big trash sacks take up no room and make great emergency rain coats.  And of course a corkscrew!  (We’ll add a decent bottle of wine right before the trip) We’ve also got a roll of duck tape.  You’d be surprise what you can do with a few odds and ends when you really have a need.

We add and subtract from the backpacks on an as needed basis.  It depends on how long we’ll be out and what we might find handy.  And by the way — even though there are two backpacks, there is only one per car so we only use one at a time.  After all, it wouldn’t really be fair to make Roger carry two backpacks!!  (Backpack toting is a labor item — Roger is labor — I’m management!!!)

This is certainly not enough for a camping trip, but all of it comes in handy — and depending on what you’re planning, it can be supplemented as needed.  But this much goes everywhere with us.  Even just for a bike trip here on the local trails, Roger faithfully has one of the packs on his back.  And — we almost always find someplace interesting to stop!!!!

So put together your own opportunity kits and start looking for some intriguing and private places to stop, too!!



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