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Somebody get my Pulitzer ready!!

“SEX 101”

SO — Let’s Talk About Sex!


Sometimes it’s not about sex!

“A Home in the Shade!!”

It’s time for something completely different!!

“Aeronautical Weather Data”

Another pet Meredith idea!!

“Make Some Memories!!!”

Adding a little spice to your life!

“More Making Memories!!”

The second of many!!


And boy is there a lot of nonsense!

“Local Microclimate Weather Data”

Yeah — I’m back on the weather again!

“Memories Go Both Ways”

Back to lovemaking!!

“May 20, 1631”

Meredith’s first history lesson!!

“Measurement Mess!!”

Finally a sensible solution!!!

“Football For Girls!”


“Early Exit!!”

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!  (I wish!!)

“Compatibility Issues #1”


“The Three Laws!!”

Thermodynamics — Entrance Stage Left!!

“Opportunity Kits!!”

Gotta be ready if you hear knocking!

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