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“Fable Introduction” • October 18, 2006

Here's the guidance you've been waiting for!!

Not to belabor the point, but all of you DNA’s do a lot of VERY strange things.  It’s pretty obvious that you need as much guidance as possible.  So — I figured I’d do my public service bit and give you some tips in the form of a few fables.  Fables have been popular since well before Aesop, (assuming he was even real — there’s a lot of discussion about that,) first “created” the genre.  There were fables around probably for at least a thousand years before his time.

They have been told and retold many times, and evolved over time.  The later fairy tales are just slightly more modern fables.  Most fables, and a lot of fairy tales, were designed to teach a lesson — I.E. the “moral of the story.” So the Meredith Fables all end with a delightful little nugget of blond wisdom.

I’ve updated some of the old stories to make them a little more relevant — and also avoided most of the really gruesome stuff.  We’ve still got some of the customary consumption by various beasts, but I’ve steered clear of the “Hansel and Gretel” type nightmares of infanticide, cannibalism, and murder!  I may be warped, but I’m not THAT warped!!

And speaking of warped, THE Boss’ critique of these little ditties was, “Meredith, you’re probably the most warped person I’ve ever know in my life!!” What a bunch of nonsense!!  And in particular, what a case of the pot calling the kettle black!!

Anyway, you’ll mostly find the old cast of characters, but as you’ll see, things turn out a “little differently” once they been processed under the blond tresses!!



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