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“The Fox and the Grapes!” • October 18, 2006

Mind your own business!

A fox was cruising happily through the forest and came upon a tree overgrown with grape vines.  The fox looked up and saw all the tantalizingly sweet grapes hanging down from the branches.  The fox really had a sweet tooth, (actually a whole mouth filled with them,) so he jumped up to grab a snout full of delicious grapes.

BUT — the grapes were too high!!  He tried again and again to jump high enough — he tried to climb the tree — he tried to shake the grapes down — he tried everything — but the grapes remained out of his reach!!

Finally, he gave up and said in disgust, “Bah — the grapes are probably sour anyway.”

As he gloomily started to trot away, a smarty pants squirrel up in the tree hollered down, “Hey, fox!  Yeah, you!!  The grapes aren’t sour at all — they are super, super sweet!!” He popped a couple of plump grapes into his mouth, “Woo-hoo — these grapes are really yummy!!  It too bad that you can’t have any!!  I guess I’ll just have to eat them all myself!!”

The fox looked up at the squirrel — looked up at the grapes — looked up at the tree — looked up at the squirrel again — and then —

Rushed down to the hardware store — returned with a chain saw — cut down the tree — ate the smarty pants squirrel — and had the sweet grapes for desert!!

And the moral of the story is — keep your stupid mouth shut before it REALLY gets you in trouble!!



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