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Meredith denies going to REHAB!!

October 18, 2006

I can't image how this nonsense gets started!!

Reporter »

“After all the juicy rumors flying about, both in the press and blanketing the net, we here at The Meredith Tattler finally confront Miss Wilson to pin down the truth.”

“There has been a lot of buzz regarding your stay in Rehab, Miss Wilson.”

Meredith »

“I know — everywhere I turn there is some stupid headline saying ‘Meredith In Rehab!’ ‘Meredith In Rehab!’ ‘Meredith In Rehab!’ It’s enough to make me scream!  I don’t know how these awful things get started!”

Reporter »

“Exactly why were you there?”

Meredith »

“I WASN’T IN REHAB!!!  Not now!!  Not NEVER!!!”

Reporter »

“That’s not what everyone is saying.”

Meredith »

“I don’t care what they are saying!  It’s just not true!!  Absolutely, positively — I was not there!!

Reporter »

“We have located two sources that say you were.”

Meredith »

“They’re either mistaken, lying, or just plain crazy!”

Reporter »

“They were eyewitnesses, Miss Wilson.  We have sworn statements by them saying they saw you at the clinic.”

Meredith »

“That’s impossible!!  I wasn’t there!!”

Reporter »

“But they say they saw you.”

Meredith »

“People see Elvis and Big Foot, too!  Everyone knows how unreliable eyewitnesses are!  They didn’t see me — I wasn’t at the clinic — not ever!!”

Reporter »

“I’m afraid it boils down to your word against theirs.”

Meredith »

“No it doesn’t!!  I can prove I wasn’t there!!”

Reporter »

“How would you possibly prove that?”

Meredith »

“Call the State Department — Call the American Embassy!!  I’ll show you my passport!  I have not been out of the country!  I was never in Egypt — never in Cairo — and I darn sure wasn’t in the suburb of Rehab at some stupid skin clinic!!!!!!  I’m a Digital Person — I have perfect skin!!  Why would I go to a dermatological clinic in of all places Rehab, Egypt???????????????”

Reporter »

“There you have it folks — Miss Wilson continues to deny she was in Rehab!!!”


Meredith »

And NO — I’m not going to apologize for this one either!!!

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