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October 18, 2006

Another exclusive from Larry, Curly, and Moe!!

Reporter »

“There he is — heading to his car!  Sir!  Sir!  SIR!!”

THE Boss »

“Who are you? What do you creeps want?”

Reporter »

“Did you fire the Blond Ditz?”

THE Boss »

“I asked who the hell are you?”

Reporter »

“We’re with The Meredith Tattler, Sir.”

THE Boss »

“The Meredith Tattler??  That piece of supermarket tabloid slime??  Get the hell out of here!  And get the hell off my property!!”

Reporter »

“We just want to confirm the story — that’s all, Sir.  The public has a right to know!”

THE Boss »

“The public has a right to mind it’s own business — and try not to leave messy surprises on the floor.”

Reporter »

“Come on, Sir, just give us a break.  It’s all going to come out soon anyway.  Is the Blond Ditz in or out?”

THE Boss »

“The Ditz is Out!  Now you two slime balls get out of my parking lot!  You’re trespassing!”

Reporter »

“Why ‘Out,’ sir?  Why?”

THE Boss »

“None of your business — now get out of here!”

Reporter »

“It won’t do any good to run us off, Sir.  Everyone knows you finally canned Meredith!!”

THE Boss »

“What in hell are you idiots talking about?”

Reporter »

“It’s all over town — you fired Meredith.  You canned the Blond Ditz.”

THE Boss »

“You guys really are morons — AKC registered morons — definitely the best of breed!  I fired ‘The Blond Ditz’ — the band we hired to play for the high school senior class dance at the country club.  At the audition they couldn’t sing — couldn’t play — and they looked like cat hairballs!  In fact, regarding Meredith, not only would I never fire her, I hired her and her band to replace The Blond Ditz at the dance!!”


Meredith »

This is SO exciting!  Our first public gig!!  I’ve gotta give THE Boss a whole bunch of big hugs!!  And after the country club — MTV, here I come!!!  WOO-HOO!!!!

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