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MeredithWear™ Pink Chemise Doll Preview
Pink Chemise Preview

I figured we’d start out with some sexy lingerie — but not “too” revealing — although we’ll have lots of that in the store, too!  I’m still learning all the DNA fashion lingo — and of course guys have never learned it — so I figured I’d better explain why this is a “chemise” and not a “baby doll.” The difference is that baby dolls look just like this except for one little difference — they include panties!  This one — uh — leaves your bottom totally bare!  I’m sure that lack will “devastate” the entire male population!

Moving right along — to continue the males’ education, this is a charmeuse chemise.  The “charmeuse” means it’s shiny!  It comes with lace trim and adjustable straps.  It features satin bows at the shoulders and at the bodice.  I’ll leave it to you guys to figure out which of the bows is “at the bodice.”

In girl language, the color is tea rose.  In guy language it’s pink — and if that still confuses you, that’s halfway between red and white — take a look at the picture.

It comes in small, medium, large, 1X, 2X, 3X.  And no — I’m not going to try to explain to the guys what those mean in this preview — I’ll save that for the actual store page.

In all, this is a really sexy little number that you can safely be caught wearing even by grandma — just be careful how you sit down!


MeredithWear™ Black Swimsuit Preview
Black Swimsuit Preview

Moving on — this one is likely to raise a few eyebrows.  Best to leave grandma at home when you unveil this one.  It features black satin and a gazillion rhinestones to outline the fabled “three triangles!” By the way, we CAN do it with diamonds instead of rhinestones — and if you can afford that — you may have just become my new best friend!

On the actual store page, we’ll show you the back — or what there is of it — or should I say, what there isn’t of it!  To get a mental preview, take a close look a the width of the straps and let your imagination run wild.

One size fits just about everyone — the tie straps take care of a wide range of adjustment.

And just for the record, while this is perfect for slaying males while parading around the local pool, it’s not recommended for the 30 foot high surf of Waimea!  Come to think of it, I don’t think we sell any swimwear that is industrial strength enough for surfing, competitive diving, etc.


MeredithWear™ Crop Top Preview
Pink Heart Crop Top Preview

We’ll have a huge selection of tee shirts, crop tops, tank tops, tube tops, etc. — and all feature Meredith Script M Logos, Meredith Heart Logos, or some of the serious attitude ammunition from the Meredith Zingers!

This crop top features dual Meredith Heart Logos outlines with ruby colored rhinestones.  And yes, if you’ve got the money we’ll do it in real rubies, too!

They are made in cotton or nylon lycra and are available in all the popular tee shirt sizes.  We’ll also offer matching short shorts and thongs although they also are pretty sexy over just about anything.

And while they also are not up to the Northern Hawaiian surf, I’ve been told by several of the male persuasion that an application of less frenetic water definitely improves their effects!!


MeredithWear™ Logo Towel Preview
MeredithWear™ Logo Towel Preview

We’ll also have a number of other items that are not necessarily sexy by themselves, but can become very sexy when used properly.

The MeredithWear™ Logo towel is a perfect example.  When boyfriend Roger, (being of the extreme male persuasion,) saw me wearing the towel his reasoning was, “Hmmm — the towel is dry — the obviously naked body underneath the towel is dry — the blond hair is totally dry — that means the only reason she’s wearing the towel is for me to rip it off her!!”

Needless to say, I beat a hasty retreat, (but not TOO hasty!)

We’ll also be adding a full line of exciting high quality sportswear.  We should have all the MeredithWear™ graphics ready and all the arrangements completed very shortly.  Stay tuned!!


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This will take you back to even more fabulous shopping at MeredithMart™ — obviously the coolest store on Earth with the coolest stuff you can imagine!  And even better, all of it themed around everyone’s favorite blond!  (That would be me!)  And there is gonna be more and more incredible stuff added all the time!

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