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Oceanic Disturbance! : 1
“Oceanic Disturbance! : 1” • June 13, 2005
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Meredith »

Good Morning Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen, and All You Sci/Fans from Whatever Screwball Dimension You Call Home!!!!

It’s time for —



We’ve got a really thrill packed show for you, and in a surprising turn of events, this episode will be hosted by our beloved world explorer and self-styled bon vivant of Woodland Wildlife Show fame, none other than Professor Brandlehurst Thistlebot!!

Welcome back, Professor!!

Brandlehurst »

Thank you, my dear.  This week’s show will be about the fascinating kelp forests that grow offshore along the California coast and —

Meredith »

Excuse me, Brandlehurst — I don’t mean to interrupt, but I never did find out exactly why you decided to leave the male only island monastery you retired to after the trampling incident.  Would you like to explain that to all your fans?

Brandlehurst »

Uh — well — there is really nothing to explain.  I simply decided that the monastery life was not how I wished to spend the remainder of my days.

Meredith »

Actually, Brandlehurst — I’ve heard a few rumors — one of them is that you didn’t leave on your own accord — rumor has it that they booted you out.

Brandlehurst »

It’s just a silly rumor — you know how those things get started.  I’ll be glad to show you the letter of resignation that I sent them.

Meredith »

Well — but — there’s some other rumors circulating around — about the — “teddy bear.”

Brandlehurst »

That’s total rubbish!!  Just a hideous tale cooked up by my enemies in a failed attempt to discredit me!

Meredith »

Hmmm — if you say so — but I was more than a little shocked — and appalled when I heard it.

Brandlehurst »

Absolute nonsense!!  And besides, what a man and his teddy bear do in private is no concern of anyone!!

Meredith »

I think we need to have a LONG talk after the show, Brandlehurst.

Brandlehurst »

Very well, as you wish.  Just remember to keep your distance.  You look far too much like those despicable Woodland Wildlife creatures that trampled me and ruined my life.  I’m still making payments on the infernal Dweebmobile.  And the hospital has their attorneys threatening to hospitalize me again.  And remember my contract — no animal segments — and certainly no blond females!!  I shall only be doing shows on vegetation — like this kelp forest and I want you to —

Now what does that blasted cameraman want? Speak up, son — don’t point — what are you trying to —

Ah, I see!  There seems to be some sort of disturbance out in the water.  Oh my, let’s hope it is not a seismic event — we’re in a bad location for a tsunami.  Hmmm — it seems to be moving closer to shore — zoom your camera on it, lad, and let’s see if we can get a look at what’s causing —

OH MY GOD!!!  RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Meredith »

Well — nothing like kicking the show off with a bang!!  (And a hint of a scandal!!  Hey — it’s network sweeps week!)

So stay tuned for the next thrilling segment of —





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This picture was first posted to my web site on March 17, 2006.

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