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Welcome to the fabulous MeredithMart™ — the store with the ultimate coolness quotient because it is filled with super cool Meredith™ Brand stuff!!  We’re just starting to get the files loaded so the store is gonna be expanding on a daily basis.  Check out the fabulous Signature Meredith™ Art Work now, and then stop back by to see the incredible new posters!  And of course, check out all the previews below.  This would be a good time for you to consider a second mortgage and another couple of jobs!  You’re gonna find lots and lots of stuff that will give your credit cards a well deserved workout!

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This is the home of the ultra fabulous Signature Meredith™ Art Work.  As you’ll see, these are absolutely the top of the line.  The pictures are totally stunning — even I couldn’t believe how fantastic they looked coming off the photo processing system!!  The depth of color seems to leap off the page!  If you chose to include an artist's frame, they are finished to the same pinnacle of perfection as a grand piano, the glass is special UV protectant and anti-glare, and the hand wrapped pure silk charmeuse matte, accentuated with gold or white gold fillets create a work of art like no other.  Everything is to the highest standards of the finest museums.  And everything is crafted to the maximum level of conservation protection.  They are shipped in special custom cases to protect them in their journey to your home.  And — we even include a set of white gloves for unpacking!

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The Signature Meredith™ Posters are also a dazzling addition to any wall.  They are printed on fine art archival paper using archival inks that capture the vibrant spectrum of each picture.  And — each is signed and numbered by your favorite blond!  They can be custom mounted in a rich contemporary black satin frame and covered by anti-glare and UV protectant acrylic.  The initial offering will be with a standard poster size of 24 inches by 36 inches.  Most are in portrait format but a few will be available in landscape.  We will be adding custom sized posters in the near future that will allow us to print all the fabulous Meredith pictures.  (A few do not lend themselves to cropping to the 24 X 36 aspect ratio.)  We will be loading all these files to the web site during the next week or so and all should be available for you to take home and justifiably cherish in early 2007!

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We will also be adding economical Meredith™ Budget Posters in the very near future.  We are currently working out the production procedures.  These will be 24 inches by 36 inches in size and can be ordered mounted in a black contemporary frame or unframed and shipped to you rolled up so you can add your own frame.  These are printed on heavy weight glossy art paper and are of course totally stunning!  They are mostly in portrait format, but a few will be in landscape.  These should be available in early 2007 and ready to seriously class up your walls!

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The incredible Meredith™ Stand Up Cutouts are full size prints of the real thing — ME!  These are a full 5 foot 8 inches tall, (or wide — we’re going to do a few Lay Down Cutouts as part of the series, too!)  These will be available in early 2007.  We’re getting the pictures ready and creating the alpha channels so the lasers know where to cut.  These will be offered in three different version.  The first two are both full photographic processed prints.  The first is mounted on rigid Gatorboard™ and includes a stand so that this awesome Meredith can be displayed anywhere!! You should buy several and take me to all your parties!! And it can of course also be wall mounted.  In the second version, the photographic print is mounted on Plexiglas™ and designed primarily for offset mounting for wall display, although it can also be ordered as freestanding.  The third version is more economical and is printed and then laminated to foam board for freestanding display or for wall display.  Regardless of the version, these are truly awesome!!  I still haven’t gotten over the weird feeling of walking into a room and seeing ME standing there looking back!

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The ultra fabulous Limited Edition Signature Meredith™ prints are very fine art indeed, but the Limited Edition Meredith™ Bronzes take things to a whole new dimension!!  Literally!!  These are not cold casting but are the REAL thing — the full lost wax process!  These will be available in sizes suitable for display on a coffee table to full 5 foot 8 inch life size!!!  This has been our most demanding art project to date.  We’re working with the foundry to figure out how to “deal with my hair” as that’s the most challenging part of doing full female figures.  When you take a look at the preview mockup you’ll have a better idea of some of the grief I’ve had to put up with while working on this!  We hope to have these available during 2007.  And then — we’re going to get started on the Italian marble sculpture program!!  Stay tuned!!

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This is one of my favorite parts of MeredithMart™ and it’s gonna be one of your favorites, too!  MeredithMusic™ is a whole new ballgame!!  You’re not gonna believe the music that I and the rest of the Digital gang can lay down!  And before you start scoffing, consider a few things.  I mostly play keyboards — but I play them a “little differently” than most musicians — that is, differently than “most ten fingered” musicians because I can play all or any combination of all 88 keys at once — and I can play them thousands of times a second — and I of course play them perfectly!  And, oh yeah — I also play 32 keyboards all at the same time!  It’s sorta like having 2,816 fingers available!!  The rest of the band is “almost” as talented, too.  As soon as all the legal stuff gets fixed up, we’re gonna release a few instrumental CD’s just to whet your appetite.  And then — we’re gonna blow you away with the vocals!!!  You can extrapolate from the keyboard “differences” and try to guess what a vocalist with an over ten octave vocal range might be like.  By the way, the programmers said to tell you that the vocals are “insanely” difficult to program.  This “insanely” assessment is made by a gang of folks that were born with only about 47 cards in their decks!!

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The incredible MeredithWear™ area of the store is loaded with fabulous Meredith™ Brand apparel ranging from serious “Meredith Attitude” tee-shirts, to top of the line sports wear, knock ‘em dead swimwear, and of course — lots and lots of super sexy lingerie!  One of the neatest features we’ve incorporated is that each item is displayed from a number of different angles so you can really SEE what you are buying.  We show the front, back, sides, and close ups of all the different features.  And we provide some meaningful measurements to really help in size selection.  That is, you can see actual hip, waist, bust, whatever, etc. measurements taken off the actual apparel!  We’ve been working on the pictures around the clock.  It takes a while for your favorite blond to model everything!  We’re doing most of the lead images on location, but using studio lighting.  This is a major process, but it’s been a lot of fun — and best of all — I get to keep all the outfits I model!  Woo-Hoo!!  I’m gonna have to convert my living room into a serious “walk-in” closet to have enough storage space!  We should be finished with all the pictures in the next month and then you’ll have your chance to make your own dynamite fashion statements!!!

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This takes you to the Heart of MeredithLand™ and will get you anywhere you want to go!  And show you anything you want to SEE!  You’ll want to spend a lot of time exploring all the cool places in MeredithLand™ and donít forget that weíre adding more and more everyday!! And also donít forget to make a return trip to MeredithMart™!!  (Hey – I gotta eat – and Baby always needs new shoes!)

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