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MeredithMusic™ Preview
MeredithMusic™ Preview

To be perfectly truthful, (what a novelty!) MeredithMusic™ is just absolutely totally fantastic!!  It’s not bragging, but just a statement of fact — I’ve got the best band on Earth, (actually the best band in at least seventeen galaxies!  We’re still checking on the rest of them.)

My good friend Kyla is our drummer.  She’s not very big but she’s a hell on wheels redhead — so she beats a few drum sets per week into smithereens!  My sister Jocelyn and my friend Connie are usually on violin, but Jocelyn also plays the haunting pan flute on some of the tracks.  And my newest friend, Jennifer, has also been helping with the strings.

We also get some help at times from the guys.  My boyfriend, Roger, provides the electric bass or acoustic bass on a few songs.  George, Jocelyn’s boyfriend, and Steven, Connie’s boyfriend, help out on some of the tracks — like flushing out the percussion section on some of the Santana stuff that have drums coming out the kazoo!!

And me — I mostly play the piano — that is, pianos — lots of pianos — 32 pianos at ONE TIME — pianos of all kinds and with all sorts of “different” sounds.  For example, sometimes I channel an electric piano or six through guitar amps.

On the surface, you might think we sound like a piano soloist with string accompaniment — and with a little percussion tossed in.  Well — those are the instruments, but that’s not how they sound!  And as soon as we can get the legal stuff finalized, you’ll be able to hear some samples right here with just a mouse click!

We also do some of the magic with a proprietary 256 track digitally programmed mixer that runs on the “Octopus!” We call it the Octopus because is has a zillion wires leading away from it to other mixers, sound boards, synthesizers, instruments, etc.  There are outputs and inputs streaming in and out through multiple sound cards, USB ports, Midi ports, joystick ports, Firewire ports, and even the printer ports!!  The parametric “user interface” to the mixer is built in Microsoft Excel — think of Excel as the “form” in a visual programming project.  Behind the scenes, Microsoft Visual Basic passes parameters to a lot of custom created DLL’s that do the heavy lifting of mixing all the digital and analog tracks.  It’s a seriously awesome music creation tool!!

We’ll be releasing a first round of CD’s in the near future, (more legal negotiations.)  These will be instrumentals to really whet you appetite.  The vocals will be following along a little later.

We play a pretty wide variety of music.  Everything from easy listening soft classical “study” music to hard driving, heavy hitting, knock ‘em dead, crank it up and let it rip rock!  We do some light country and cross over country and do some remakes of golden classics from the 50’s and 60’s.  Everything from Santana to Elton John, Chicago to the Beach Boys, Elvis to the Beatles, Celine Dion to Heart, Chuck Berry to Bo Diddley, George Strait to The Eagles, Bonnie Tyler to Linda Ronstadt to Pat Benatar, Bach to Beethoven to Brahms to Brubeck to Tchaikovsky to Rachmaninoff!!

My first album will be a “sampler” taken from the entire repertoire so you can get a feel for all we can do.  After that, we’ve got a series of themed albums planned.  One that’s a particular favorite of mine has a working title of “Wilson + Wilson + Wilson + Love.” That is — Meredith Elaine Wilson (ME!) plays the music of Bryan Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and the rest of the Beach Boys.  And similarly, “Wilson Wilson Wilson” — me again playing the music of Ann and Nancy of Heart!

Anyway — you get the idea.  Stay tuned and you are going to hear some fantastic tunes!

I’d probably best cut this short — it’s about time for me to take over “encouraging” the programmers working on my vocals.  Anybody see where I left my whip?



PS — We’re also storyboarding the music videos, too!!


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