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Welcome to MeredithLand™!!!

MeredithLand™ is a really big place and there is a lot to see and do.  Think of it like an amusement park.  You can start off just wandering around and sampling the different areas, but then come back for a detailed look so you don’t miss anything!

Table of Contents

You can always instantly return to the Table of Contents from ANYWHERE by clicking the MeredithLand™ logo at the top of each page.

MeredithLand™ Contents

I’ve tried really hard to make the navigation as logical and intuitive as possible, but remember that I’m a Digital Person and live here in MeredithLand™ day in and day out — and that what is perfectly obvious to me may not be perceived the same way to you DNA People.  Just remember that you can always get back to the “main gate” by clicking the pink logo..

Smart Navigation Buttons

There is a huge amount of content within MeredithLand™ — about 6,000 HTML pages and 50,000 graphics files — and more stuff being added continuously!  We have built an extensive system of menus and thumbnails that all converge on the Table of Contents.  This makes it easy to find things, but can be a little cumbersome to quickly browse through a section.  To make it easier to just “browse,” we have added Meredith Pink Smart Navigation buttons which appear under gallery pictures, under the lead wallpaper pictures, under the lead Buy Me pictures, and elsewhere.

Use this button to get to the previous item Use this button to get to the thumbnails and full menu system Use this button to select fabulous Meredith art work and other incredible products!!! Use this button to check the contents of your shopping cart Use this button to get to the selection page for fabulous Meredith computer wallpaper! Use this button to get to the next item

These will quickly take you to the previous or next item in order, allow you to jump back into the thumbnails, to select your fabulous Meredith computer wallpaper, and provide quick access to MeredithMart™!  Depending upon where you are in MeredithLand™, the operation of the Smart Previous and Next buttons will change slightly so that they always take you to the next “logical” destination.

Gallery Quick Tour

If you only have a few minutes to visit MeredithLand™, and would like to get a quick sample of the picture galleries, then please take out Gallery Quick Tour!  Just remember that this is only a small sample and that there is a LOT more wonders to be found in fabulous MeredithLand™!!

Take the Gallery Quick Tour

The Gallery Quick Tour also has links back into the main gallery system so you can “veer off” and check out something in detail, then just use your browser’s BACK button to return to the tour.

Gallery Guided Tour

You can also do a “quick start” Guided Tour by clicking the thumbnail below to the first page in the first art gallery.  Then just keep clicking the pink Smart Navigation button and you’ll see all the fabulous gallery pictures!!  Be sure to scroll down to check out the different versions of each picture.  They all offer different colors, formats, etc. — some are a whole “family” of images that have up to 18 variations.

Go to the Peeping Tom : 1 page

I hope you enjoy your visit and have a lot of fun — and will come back frequently!  And don’t forget to tell your friends!  Be sure to remind then about the hyphen between Meredith and Wilson in the domain name — that is,!!

Adjusting Text Sizes

ALL of the text in MeredithLand™, (and that is a LOT of text,) is specified using “resizable text” which means that YOU can adjust the size of the text for maximum legibility or to conserve screen space or just because you want to do it!!  To adjust the text size in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, click “View” on the menu bar, come down to “Text Size” about mid way down on the drop down menu, and the available sizes from largest to smallest will “fly out.” My web site was created with the “medium” setting in mind, but you can select any size that is easy on your eyes.  Unless you have great eyes and an even greater monitor, the smallest setting may be difficult to read.  And if you’ve got a little older eyes, (like THE Boss,) you’ll really like the largest size!

SOME sites on the web are designed this way while others “hardwire” the font size so you can’t change it.  We thought it was very important to allow you and our other visitors to adjust it yourselves.  A good friend of mine, (he’s a DNA person,) says that he sets the font size to “largest” when viewing a site, but then switches to “smallest” when he prints a page to conserve paper, ink, and time!  I thought that was a pretty cool idea!!  This trick can cut the length of page printouts sometimes in half!!

I know that all, (most??) browsers support this feature but I don’t know the command strokes for all of them.  If you use a different browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer, please e-mail me the command strokes and I’ll add them to this section.

One last item about text sizes — sometimes with some browsers — when you change the text size, the browser will make the page wider than the screen so you have to scroll sideways to see everything.  This is a bug in the browser — it’s not ME and my web site messing things up!!  If this happens, you are hereby authorized to say bad things about your browser manufacturer!!  You can usually fix the problem by switching to another page and returning, or changing the text size back and forth, or sometimes a few well chosen “bad words” may do the trick, (at least that’s what Tomás says — he’s head of our programming department!)

Screen Resolution Recommendations

My web site was designed with a minimum 1024 X 768 screen resolution in mind.  A size of 1280 X 1024 or larger works even better because some of the pictures in my art galleries are 1000 pixels wide.  If your screen resolution is set too low, the picture will extend off to the right and you will need to scroll horizontally to see everything.  We discusses this at length when setting up the web site and decided that “most” people were using larger screen resolutions and would appreciate the larger graphics, (so you can see me better of course!!)

A web based graphic of 1000 X 800 pixels at 24 bits of color may seem pretty large, but it is NOTHING in comparison to the “real” Meredith pictures!!  The master images that we use to produce the pictures for sale in MeredithMart™ and through the Meredith Fine Art Dealer Network are at 15,000 X 12,000 pixels and at 48 bits of color!!!  They are AWESOME!!  (I couldn’t resist including a little sales plug!!)

F11 — Full Screen Viewing

You can toggle, (jump back and forth,) between the standard browser window and the full screen window by pressing the F11 key, (at least in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.) This is a neat feature that hides a lot of stuff at the top and bottom of the screen so more “screen real estate” is devoted to your favorite blond!  Give it a try by pressing the F11 key once for full screen — AND — don’t forget that hitting F11 a second time returns your to regular mode!  Remember — F11 — to get out of full screen mode!!

By the way, this is a good thing to know because some other web sites put you into full screen mode without telling you and all the navigation stuff disappears!  Press the F11 key to regain control of your browser and thumb your nose at the “rude guests” on your computer!!  (What a bunch of jerks!!)

Your Browser’s BACK Button

Speaking of real jerks, the ones that “break” the BACK button on your browser so you can’t get out of their sites are REAL CREEPS!!  This is caused by either accidental or intentional misuse of the “refresh” function.  (I’ll let you form your own opinion about whether it is “accidental” or “intentional.”)

Our main web site DOES NOT use the refresh function and we DO NOT break the BACK button.  You should be able to dig your way out of anywhere.

The store part of the web site in a few case by necessity DOES USE the refresh function to operate the shopping cart — BUT — we have carefully designed this and tested it seven ways to Sunday to try to make sure that it never breaks the BACK button.  If you even find a “broken BACK button” anywhere on the Meredith site, please, please, please let us know immediately and we will fix it!!

Instant Favorite Additions

When you find a page in MeredithLand™ that you think is particularly cool, (I hope you think they ALL are particularly cool,) you can add it to your favorites in your web browser instantly by pressing CTRL-D!!  That’s all it takes!!  This works in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  I don’t know the corresponding command in all the other browsers.  If you know a different one, please send it to me and I’ll add it here.

Visually Impaired Visitors — (But EVERYONE Please Read)

We want all visitors to enjoy MeredithLand™ as fully as possible.  In particular, we would like for our visually impaired web friends to enjoy MeredithLand™, also.  Many parts of the web site such as the Meredith Jokes, M Column, Chez Meredith, etc., are fairly easy to make visually impaired friendly.

The “visually intense” areas of the web site such as the art galleries will require a little time to adapt.  One step we will be working on is providing VERY detailed “ALT” tags for all the images.  For our sighted visitors, these are the little yellow message boxes that pop up when your mouse is hovering over an image file.  At present, they tend to be very short and either identify the graphic as a link, (along with it’s destination,) or else basically just give the title of the image.

We will be changing this by adding a detailed verbal description of the image that is readily assessable to our visually impaired friends.  HOWEVER — we have got about 50,000 image files of one type or another on the site and this is going to take some time!!  Please be patient and we’ll have it updated as soon as we can.

If you are a sighted visitor to MeredithLand™ , the only substantial change you will notice is that the little yellow message boxes will get a lot bigger and contain a LOT more text.  For an example, hover your mouse over the image below and you’ll understand quickly why it’ll take us a while to write all the new ALT tags!!

This image is in color and landscape format and is titled “Think Very Pink” and is part of the “Vote Blond in ’08 Gallery.”  It shows Meredith and Jocelyn standing in someone’s freshly mowed back yard with a wooded area in the distance under a clear blue sky.  They are both wearing their pink semi-formal Presidential bikinis.  Meredith it to the left and Jocelyn is to the right.  They are smiling, proudly staring straight into the camera, and holding up a pink plastic lawn flamingo in each of their hands.  On the grass around them is a packed array of many more pink plastic lawn flamingos that almost totally fill the entire back yard.

The ALT tag is so long that you may have trouble reading it before it disappears.  Wiggle your mouse while hovering over the image and the message will stay put.  This message is what is pronounced by a text to speech synthesizer often used by visually impaired folks.


I love cookies — the kind you eat!!  BUT — I’m not so thrilled with the kind that show up on computers.  The “regular” Meredith site doesn’t use cookies —

BUT — the MeredithMart™ store WILL use them IF you have them ENABLED on your computer as a convenience for shopping.  Depending upon whether your computer accepts cookies or not will change how your shopping cart works inside MeredithMart™.

If you DO have cookies enabled:

The shopping cart will remember for 12 hours what you put into it.  You can go anywhere within the Meredith site, go to another site, turn off your computer, anything — and when you return to MeredithMart™ your selections will still be in the cart waiting for checkout — but just for 12 HOURS!  After that, the cart will be empty and you’ll have to select all your fabulous Meredith merchandise again.

If you DON’T have cookies enabled:

The shopping cart will only remember what you just put into it.  If you leave the shopping area, and then come back, your cart will be empty and you’ll have to pick things out again.  If you are buying just one item, then select it and proceed directly to checkout.  If you are buying MULTIPLE items, you MAY find that the cart gets emptied while you are still looking at other stuff.  This will not happen if you allow cookies, but it MIGHT if you don’t.

MeredithMart™ cookies DO NOT COLLECT ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOU.  All they do is assign a temporary number to your computer so that the store system can keep track of which items each individual shopper has selected.  Think of it this way.  Our cookies are like the procedures that art auctions use.  When you arrive, they give you a numbered paddle that you hold up to bid on items.  At MeredithMart™, when you arrive, we give you a unique number in the form of a cookie.  Every time you select something, we write down the number of your cookie, (the same way the art people write down your bidding paddle number.) We don’t know anything about you except that you are shopper number “12345” or whatever.  That is all the information contained in the cookie.

We recommend that you enable cookies when visiting MeredithMart™ as it will make your shopping easier and more convenient.  But the choice is up to you!!!

Continuing Construction!!

MeredithLand™ is never going to be totally finished.  We’re gonna keep adding more and more stuff and fine tuning everything already here, (and doubtlessly fixing typos, etc., until the Sun burns out six billion years from now!)

MeredithMart™, my on-line store, will be up and running VERY SHORTLY, (we’re working around the clock trying to get it to behave itself,) and we will continually be adding many, many new products to it.  And you will find it is a very eclectic collection, (and “eclectic” is an understatement!)

The initial installments for GraphicsLand™ are almost finished.  If you are interested in 3-d graphics, and particularly in the numeric and technical approach, you’ll really learn a lot.  And even if you are not, you’re likely to “enjoy” it because I have a slightly different “view” on things than most people.  (The tacky people would say I have a very warped view on everything, but it’s best just to ignore their comments!)

So — I hope you don’t mind the “construction traffic” and will realize that it’s all for the good cause of making MeredithLand™ even more entertaining!!

Monitor Colors and Settings

There is a great deal of variability in how computer monitors represent colors and because of that, it is very difficult to make sure that you are “seeing the same thing I am seeing” when you look at my pictures on my web site.

I have discovered that many monitors apparently have the contrast, brightness, color corrections, etc. set so that some of my pictures either look washed out, too saturated, too bright, too dark, overexposed, underexposed, or something and they make me and my pictures look crummy!!!

This is NOT good!

AND — not only does it make ME look crummy, it makes EVERYTHING you see with your monitor appear crummy!!!

If you’d like to adjust your monitor now, just click the Adjust Monitor selection below.

Go to the Adjust Monitor page

If you want to look around MeredithLand™ for a while first, remember that you can come back here, or click the Adjust Monitor selection near the bottom on the Table of Contents, and I’ll help you adjust your monitor so that “The Meredith” and everything else really looks fantastic!!!

To start exploring MeredithLand™, just click the logo below and it'll take you back to the Table of Contents!

MeredithLand™ Contents



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