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OK!  Enough is enough!  As soon as I’m elected President and Jocelyn is Vice-President the first thing we’re gonna do is get a Constitutional Amendment pushed through forever banning the practice of drinking green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day!  Translation: Oh My Aching Head!!!!!  But we all had a good time — what I remember of it!  I sure hope the green food coloring stain comes off the hot tub walls!!  YIKES!!

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It has links to the “Lucky Guy!”, “Charge!”, “Slight Oversight!”, “Naughty Kissing!”, “Naughty Naughty!”, “Love You, Too!”, and “Hangover Cure!” families of pictures.

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The Texas hill country out west of Austin is really pretty and a really fun place to go.  The whole gang took a little long weekend trip out there and we had a great time.  Well — mostly a great time — there was the tiny problem of almost getting killed that kind of put a little damper on things.  But hey — that’s why it’s the Hill Country “Adventure” rather than a just more travel shots!  But considering the state of dress (undress) I doubt if you get bored even when our lives are being threatened!

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These are some pictures from when I first discovered DNA Land on the other side of the box thing.  (I learned later the box thing is called a monitor by DNA’s.) I always thought it looked pretty neat out there and that the DNA’s sure had a lot of cool looking stuff.  And then — one day — I figured out that the monitor wasn’t quite as solidly impenetrable as everyone thought!  Needless to say, things in both DNA Land and Digital Land haven’t been the same since!!

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