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This is another gallery that ranges from serious to “not so serious.” It’s a collection of pictures about people — except one of them isn’t a “person” but he’s still a VERY important friend to me.  We’ll be adding a lot more dedications to this one as time goes on.  And Meredemon, (four syllables, “Mare Uh Dee Mun,”) will be getting her own gallery at some point also!  She’s gonna be back to create just a few tiny little problems!  You’d do well to stay on your best behavior!!  And Miss Grzinchwallow will also be showing up in time to bring out the very worst behavior in me!!!

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THUMBNAIL PAGE • Special People Gallery : 1

It has links to the “278th RTC”, “My Old Friend”, “Sun Haired Talking Fawn”, “Heaven Sent”, “Heaven Ascent”, “Meredemon”, and “Miss Grzinchwallow” families of pictures.

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This is a brand new feature just getting kicked off here in MeredithLand™!  You’re gonna really like it a lot!  A little science fiction, a little classical mythology, a little B-movie horror, and all of it scrambled up in typical Meredith fashion.  Oh yeah — there’s also going to be a lot of very unclothed blond damsels in distress just waiting for a rescuing hero to appear!  (It doesn’t get much better — right, Guys?) So stay tuned!  By the way — I wanted to call it “Space Blondes” but THE Boss insisted that I add the “d” on the end!  (Nobody knows all the grief I have to put up with!!!  GUYS!)

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This is a large collection of pictures that show some of my day to day activities around MeredithLand™ both at work and during my free time.  Roger took a lot of these, but certainly not all.  Some of these are kinda sexy — some are VERY sexy — and some are just plain fun!  Everyone gets into the act, too.  You’ll be hearing from me, Roger, Jocelyn, Miss DNA, THE Boss, Connie, Kyla, and some of the other folks around the office — and Rick, Steven, George, Jeffrey, Tomás, April, Karl, and a few others will be showing up in time, too!

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This will get you to ALL the fabulous Meredith galleries! Check out the sexy ones, the funny ones, the sexy ones, the serious ones, the sexy ones, the dressy ones, the sexy ones, the nude ones, the sexy ones, the everyday ones, the sexy ones, the adventure ones, the sexy ones, etc. (You get the idea!)

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This is the Mission Control Center of MeredithLand™ and will get you anywhere you want to go!  Be sure and check out MeredithMart™!  (Hey – I gotta eat – and Baby always needs new shoes!)  Not only will you find knockout pictures of me and my friends, you’ll find lots and lots of super sexy little goodies to tickle the hearts and fancies of those you love to love!

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