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This is the place to check how my campaign for President in 2008, (and Jocelyn’s for Vice-President,) is shaping up.  AND — you can also check on the status of those billion dollar dump truck loads of money that’ll be rolling to your driveway!!  We’ve really been working hard at our campaign strategy and had a gazillion details to take care of.  And we’ve also been keeping a close eye on Dweebert Possiltot and his PMS/Weevil Party.  Dweebert is running against me for President.  (He’s still trying to find some species that will serve as his Vice-Presidential running mate.  Good Luck!) Just remember that Wilson/Albright is the ticket for 2008!!  Peace, Prosperity, and Pink Flamingos are coming your way!!

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THUMBNAIL PAGE • Vote Blond in ’08 Gallery : 1

It has links to the “Tax Day Woes!”, “Modest Announcement!”, “Mucho Moolah!”, “World Peace at Last!”, “CFT Job Openings!”, “Think Very Pink!”, “Debate Security!”, “Opposition Candidate!”, “Weevil Campaign Headquarters!”, “Presidential Ballot”, “Twin Billboards”, and “Parental Endorsement” families of pictures.

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PREVIOUS GALLERY • Girls Explained to Guys

This a public service of MeredithLand™ so you guys won’t be such hopeless dweebs in understanding the fairer sex!  We’ll be adding a lot more lessons in our continuing education program.  Read and learn them well as they will undoubtedly save your life more than once.  Always remember that as Nietzsche said, “In revenge and in love woman is more barbarous than man.” Take heed!!

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NEXT GALLERY • Woodland Wildlife Show

This is the ongoing wildlife nature show following the naked blond herds of Woodland Meredith’s (gazoongabus thunderiffic) and Scottish Jocelyn’s (hooteratii heroicus) as they live out their carefree lives in our local urban forest.  The Woodland Meredith’s and Scottish Jocelyn’s are wild animals — you know, like deer, or squirrels, or something — that by an incredible coincidence, just happen to look like me and my sister Jocelyn!  That can lead a to a few problems of mistaken identify at times!  The show is hosted by world renowned nature researcher Brandlehurst Thistlebot (with a little help from yours truly!) Brandlehurst has had his share of mishaps with the herd and now finds himself matching wits with them on a daily basis (and not doing too well in the wit matching department!) In fact, he even quit at one point — but returned with a certain dark cloud of rumors hanging about his head!  So — On With The Show!!!  PS — it might be a good idea to lock up your cash, valuables, and particularly high limit credit cards before you get too close to these woodland fauna!!

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