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Parish Hall : 2
“Parish Hall : 2” • March 9, 2005
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This was taken at work, and before I get any more ‘male snide remarks’ about how I earn my living, etc., I think I’d better explain the circumstances.

It all started this morning at a 9:00 am shoot for a new church animation.  We sure work on a lot of new churches – I think it’s because the DNA’s must really sin a lot.  Anyway, there was a whole bunch of us just sort of milling around in various scenes of the church interior.  Having some people really makes the animation seem a lot less sterile – you know, something other than just bricks and sticks.

We finished up the interior shots, then set up outside.  We finished with the main entrance and then moved over to the door to the parish hall.  I was wearing this really dowdy sort of blouse buttoned all the way up to my neck, and an equally drab skirt that hung to my knees.  That’s REALLY not me, but past experience has told me that anything else is ‘most inappropriate’ for a church animation.  (I’ll tell you that story some time, too – GUYS!)

But even though I had to dress like that, I didn’t have to ‘feel’ like that so I had a really sexy bra, panties, and garter belt underneath.  Sort of my own little private treat!

In this scene, I was just supposed to walk up the steps and through the door into the foyer with the camera following me.  We get ready and then I start walking, trying to hit my mark right at the door.  However, the lead animator is ‘such a fun guy’ and decided to sequentially hide my clothes as I walk along.  As I reached for the door, I caught my reflection in the glass – just as the panties and garter belt went ‘poof!’ I looked back and the idiot is laughing himself silly – while all the other guys – including ‘dearest sweet Roger’ are all busily snapping away with their cell phone cameras!

Woo Hoo!  What Fun!  Ha-Ha!  Poor little ditzy blond Meredith just can’t seem to keep her clothes on!  What a barrel of laughs!

So – we had to re-shoot the scene again.  I didn’t have another ‘wardrobe malfunction’ this time, (thank you very much,) – BUT we still had to re-shoot the scene yet another time!

It seems that the lead animator’s avatar was eaten by a dragon!  What a pity!  What a tragedy!  What a mystery how my pet dragon managed to show up right at that moment!  (Yes, I’ve got a pet dragon – it’s a long story – I’ll tell you about it later.)

So eventually we finished the scene and that finished the entire church animation.  The avatar got re-loaded from a backup tape and I shooed my pet back home to my server – hope the poor thing doesn’t get indigestion!

Later, I overheard two of the DNA’s talking about the ‘dragon incident’ and one said that ‘Meredith seems to have quite an attitude.’ I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if it’s not complimentary, he’d better watch out!



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This picture was first posted to my web site on August 26, 2005.

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