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Desk Chair Racing! : 2
“Desk Chair Racing! : 2” • March 27, 2005
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Rather interesting picture I’m putting up.  It was taken Saturday afternoon at the office and is indicative of why I started this with ‘Help.’

We work a lot of Saturdays – and quite a few Sundays, too.  It’s a tough business and you do whatever it takes or you won’t be in business long.  Andy Grove had it right, ‘Only the paranoid survive.’

However, this Saturday everyone was off – except for me – and I’m never off.  I came down to the office to review the proposed departmental budgets.  When I opened the door, it was immediately clear that Meredith’s menagerie was out of their servers.  And as disquieting as that is, I’ve learned the hard way that when they get bored, they’re less destructive to the office than they are to the servers.  (Two weeks ago, all of our e-mails were ‘mysteriously’ translated into Klingon!)

From the sounds, they were clustered somewhere back in programming so I started working on the budgets.

About fifteen minutes later, the sounds migrated to this end of the building and I looked up to see Jocelyn zoom by in a desk chair being pushed by George.  Despite myself, I had to grin.  I’d done the same things back in graduate school.  We didn’t have a ‘circuit’ like we do in this office, so we had ‘drags’ in the hallway of the third floor of the Engineering Labs Building every Friday afternoon.  That went on for half a semester until one of the guys didn’t get shut down quick enough and road a chair down a flight of stairs.  The Dean officially banned chair racing, but of course that didn’t stop it.  We just held it three hours later after the building had cleared out.  The time didn’t make any difference to us.  Engineering grad students never go home.

From the increasing level of female squeals, shrieks, and screams it was obvious that their racing had gotten into high gear and that I wasn’t going to get much work done.  I went out to shoo them back to programming.  When I stepped out of the office, what you see is what I saw.

Apparently side by side racing wasn’t exciting enough for these refugees from the Saturday Morning Cartoons, so they were running the circuit in opposite directions in Demolition Derby fashion.  By the way, that’s Jocelyn’s feet coming around the corner from the lower right just before all four of them piled it up in a massive head-on collision.

I went back to the budgets while they sorted out polygons.  At least they were quiet while they did it.  About that time, Meredith showed up at the office and I left it up to her to get the Wild Bunch herded back down to the programming department.

Visualize trying to run a business under these conditions and you can understand why I said, ‘Help!’


THE Boss

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This picture was first posted to my web site on August 26, 2005.

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