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Weasels! : 2
“Weasels! : 2” • May 1, 2005
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Roger »

We guys were straightening up and I ran across this Polaroid photo from last fall.  I’d kind of forgotten about it, but when I saw it, I figured maybe I’d share it with you and tell you about the weasels.

I really hate doing any kind of house cleaning stuff – I mean, what a waste – but the girls have really been giving us guys a bunch of grief about our places, so to shut them up, we all pitched in and did a little clean up.  You always hear people talking about spring cleaning, so we figure once a year ought to be enough.  You don’t ever hear any mention of cleaning in any other season – every spring ought to do it.  But girls must have some kind of mutated ‘cleaning gene’ or something – maybe it’s pathological – makes me crazy.  Women!

Anyway, I found this picture buried under a few magazines – and bills and newspapers and pizza boxes and other stuff and I had to laugh again.

Last fall when Meredith was staying with Jocelyn, Connie, and Kyla, I stopped by one Saturday morning to see if she wanted to make one last run to the beach before winter rolled in.  Jocelyn was out of town – way out of town – back in Scotland visiting her mom.  Connie and Kyla were off somewhere doing God knows what – getting nails repaired or hair primped or some other girl stuff.  I’d tried to call Meredith, but didn’t get an answer, so I stopped by.

Since Connie and Kyla were gone, I parked on the side of the house, they live on a corner, so I wouldn’t block their driveway in case they showed up.  I was walking around their backyard fence to the front and when I passed under this big old oak tree, a little branch fell down right in front of me – darn near hit me on the head.

So – I looked up – and there were the two weasels from the next door neighbor’s house – hanging on a branch and trying to stay out of sight.  If you’ve ever been around weasels, you know how they get into everything and get into trouble all the time.  And these two were no different.

Particularly since these two weasels weren’t the furry kind from the pet store but were the neighbors’ twin eleven year old boys.  I figured they didn’t have a lot of business up in that tree – particularly as suspicious as they looked, so I made them get down.  And that’s when I saw the old Polaroid camera they’d borrowed from their parents to take ‘nature’ pictures for some school project.  AND – that’s when I saw that they hadn’t been up in the tree taking pictures of birds with it.

After a few threats about having a talk with their mom about what they were doing, (me being a responsible adult and all,) they agreed to cool it – and I confiscated their ‘nature photograph’ of a certain sleeping sun bathing blond.

I thought about telling Meredith and the other girls about what the kids had been doing, but – hey, no real harm done – and they get into enough trouble already.  (And besides I was an eleven year old boy once myself!!)

So I just kept the picture.



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This picture was first posted to my web site on August 26, 2005.

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