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Trick or Treat! : 2
“Trick or Treat! : 2” • October 31, 2005
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Meredith »

Surprise!  Surprise!  Heading your way is even more —



As the fall holiday season kicks into gear and most people take on a festive attitude, a few sourpusses seem to have a different viewpoint.

“SO — let’s kick off this episode of Woodland Wildlife!  Take it away, Brandlehurst!!!”

Brandelhurst »

“Thank you, Dear.”

“Like some kind of disgusting overgrown hairless monkeys, the Woodland Meredith (tatalicious incrediblus) and Scottish Jocelyn (melonabus deliciosius) herds are highly imitative.  After observing children going door to door ‘trick or treating’ during the previous Halloween, they made a determined effort to reap similar benefits for themselves this year.”

“They are after all the most vile of nature’s opportunists!!  Donning multicolored all too appropriate bandit masks, (which were improvised from odd scraps of paper and fabric they doubtlessly stole,) they imitated the children and began ringing all the doorbells in town seeking handouts.”

“However, I secretly observed that each had a substantial supply of different masks — and that upon discovering a particularly gullible fool that loaded them up with goodies, they would change masks out of sight and go back to the same door time after time!  And using their infernal cell phones, they called in all their other ‘gang members’ in the area.  (Memo to self — write congressman again and demand federal law banning wildlife from using cell phones!)”

“They have even pushed their level of ‘trick or treat’ greed to an entirely new level.  Instead of waiting for dark, they began their activities much earlier in the day — right after the merchants opened.  And in particular — immediately after the BANKS opened.  While continuing to collect more than a responsible share of candy and goodies, they primarily targeted their outrageous trick or treating to the acquisition of large denomination greenbacks and high limit credit cards.”

“It is beyond all rational belief that anyone would willingly give money to a marauding herd of naked blondes!  They should all be blasted out of existence!  That would be quite a satisfying Treat for Me and quite a Trick on Them!!!  Who says I have no Halloween spirit? HAH!!!!”

Meredith »

“You not only don’t have any Halloween spirit, I think you’re just plain mean, Brandlehurst!!  How could you possibly think ill of such sweet and lovely creatures!  I hope you’ll be a little more tolerant of them when Santa starts making his rounds.  In fact, I think Santa might just put you permanently on his ‘naughty’ list if you keep talking like that!”

Brandelhurst »

“Santa will never know anything about anything!”

Meredith »

“Someone might just write him a letter — think it over, Buster!”

Brandelhurst »

“No one likes a tattletale, Dear!”

Meredith »

“And no one likes a sourpuss, either!”


“This has obviously been a special holiday edition of —”



Stay tuned for even more Woodland Wildlife Show adventures!!



PS — I don’t know what Brandlehurst has against Halloween.  He’s already wearing a perfect fright mask!

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This picture was first posted to my web site on March 17, 2006.

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