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This is the place to find out what your favorite blond is up to around the world and around the world wide web!!  This will always be a work in progress as I find new places to visit and make new friends, (and to infect innocent folks with my own special Meredith brand insanity!!)  You’ll have an opportunity to see what I’m up to when I’m not here in MeredithLandô — in other words, you get to SNOOP!!!  It’s a lot more fun than the super market tabloids!!!  (Except of course for the Meredith Tattler!!)  And — it’s a chance for you to tour the on-line art and writing communities with a fabulous blond guide!!

There is some overlap between the pictures and stories on my site here and those around the web, but even then, things are often a little different, and lots of time, completely different!  And there are also lots of unique pictures and stories that relate only to those sites — for example, birthday and get well dedications to on-line friends within that community.  So check it out and let your browser “follow the blond!!!”

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Meredith at Renderosity®

This is where I started on the web — the Renderosity® Art Community.  I joined on December 14, 2004 and finally got my courage up and posted my first picture on February 12, 2005.  AND then — some of the sweet members there took pity on the little lost blond kitten and helped her find her OWN gallery!!  To say I was a “newbie” just shows the inadequacy of the word!!!

Renderosity® is a leading on-line art community featuring 500,000 registered members from 186 countries.  The over one million art images within it's galleries receive 330 million hits per month.  The MeredithLand™ gallery of pictures and stories there has been visited a hundred thousand times.  By the way, few visitors have managed to escape with their sanity intact!!  (But then — what are friends for???)

The link will take you to the Renderosity® section of my site which has direct links to my Renderosity® gallery and to individual postings.  You can also become a member of Renderosity® there.  I encourage you to take a careful look and to join this very thriving art experience because while art may be the medium, friendship is the real message you will find there!!!!

Last Updated: November 2006

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